MAX SafetyMAXCOOL Workwear is Australian owned and operated.

Biomotion tape (twin taping on the arm of cotton shirts) is a feature of MAXCOOL Workwear’s proactive design

MAXCOOL’s workwear range offers innovative safety features, where relevant, such as:

  • Biomotion taping – makes workers more visible, therefore safer.
    Twin taping on the arms of shirt (Biomotion taping) is industry best practice and is a recommendation in Australian Standard 4602.1.2011 Amendment No 1:2016-11-23 to significantly enhance the long distance recognition of the wearer as a human figure when viewed by reflective light (see AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, page 17).
  • Garments should be inspected on a regular basis and replaced if they are badly damaged, soiled, faded or retro reflective material has ceased to function. In constant day/night use garments should be critically examined at 3 – 6 month intervals (see Australian Standards AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, page 21, Amendment No. 1 November 2016).
  • 100 wash premium quality tape on Value rail shirts and Value yellow/navy cotton shirts.
  • Vortex garments feature 100 wash premium quality perforated tape.

Not all reflective tapes are the same!

Reflective tapeDomestic Washing Cycles ISO 6330
3MTM 8906 Silver fabric trim30
3MTM 8910 Silver fabric trim 50
CSR Silver fabric trim50
CSR Silver fabric trim, as used by Maxcool100
Perforated silver fabric trim, as used by Maxcool100

In Australia we work approximately 230 days per year* therefore we need a shirt with enhanced longevity. Maxcool’s 100 wash tape will endure up to triple the number of domestic washes, compared to other reflective tapes.
(* 48 working weeks, less 96 days for weekends, less 10 days public holidays = 230 working days/year)

Maxcool’s compliance to Nov 2016 Standard amendment

Batch testing:

Under the amendment to Standard (AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, page 21, Amendment No. 1 November 2016) each batch of clothing must be identified and able to be verified for compliance to that Standard. Given manufacturing variances over time, a product that complied in 2011 may not necessarily comply with 2016 standard.

Maxcool Workwear has always and will continue to test every new batch of workwear, ensuring they meet or exceed current safety standards.

Broken tape and or Logos on reflective tape

Under the amendment to standard (above) no breaks are permitted in the vertical tape strips. Maxcool’s unbroken vertical taping is carefully positioned to facilitate both compliance to standard and allowance for corporate logos, names and branding.

Amendment to Standard also notes that patches, logos may affect compliance. Maxcool suggests that logos should not be positioned on tape.

Garment labelling - Inspection for serviceability

Also in keeping with Maxcool’s best practice, clothing labels have always included note for wearer should inspect clothing for serviceability and suitability for application. All clothing has a use-by date. The November 2016 Standard amendment is quite clear on labelling, swing tag information, instructions about mis-use of garment - Maxcool’s new Vortex stock is fully compliant.

Maxcool workwear is even more cost-effective under the new standard, as Maxcool garments will need replacing less regularly than other brands.


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