Care Instructions

Care and Maintenance Instructions

All Maxcool garments have care/maintenance tags - please refer to individual washing instructions on each garment.

All Maxcool garments are day/night use, with retroreflective tape.

General guidelines for care of taped garments

Retroreflective tape is affected by cleaning methods, wear conditions, exposure conditions and maintenance. High-visibility day/night clothing with retroreflective tape should be maintained in good condition and inspected regularly for damage or deterioration.

Home Wash Guidelines

Home laundering means using a top or front loading consumer type home washing machine with a consumer detergent at moderate water temperatures (up to 60°C).

  • Tumble drying at high temperatures can limit garment life therefore is not recommended.

  • Garments must not be dry cleaned.

  • Bleach and high alkaline treatments such as stain removal products should not be used.

  • Garment care label guidelines need to consider the garment fabric as well as the recommendations for garment components such as retroreflective trim.