Allirra MooreIndigenous Artist for Maxcool Workwear


Allirra is a descendant of the Wadi Wadi people from the Yuin nation, in the Jervis Bay Territory. She is based on the New South Wales Central Coast and specialises in Aboriginal dot art. She uses intricate dots to add effect, realism and detail to her designs. Native flora and fauna, natural landscapes and coastal beaches are the inspiration for Allirra’s dot art.

Two-tone Shirt


Headlands represents the land and ocean – a huge factor to Aboriginal people on most coastal areas of Australia. The green crossed lines are a common symbol meaning land and is often known as cross hatching. Allirra adapted it to add a unique feature to the design, the brown hatching of the headlands.

Headlands are important on the coast as they divide beaches. Indigenous Australians used the headlands to spot schools of fish and tidal changes.

These symbols combine to tell a story of the connection between the land, the sea and the people.